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NC Anderson Author

Born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, N.C. Anderson now resides in the Sierra Nevada foothills in California, where she writes novels about romance and suspense. Having a supportive family, being surrounded by loving critters, and being an artist serve to nurture her passion for writing about love and emotional drama. Ms. Anderson is previously published in short fiction and non-fiction.
Three stories submitted for the EDGAR AWARD: Mystery shorts FUTURES magazine Feb/March, April/May, June/July 1999 Her Thriller/Romantic Suspense novel and EPIE 2000 finalist 'FIXATION' in PAPERBACK from Publish America--order in any bookstore.


Welcome to the blog of artist and writer N. C. Anderson. NanC, as she is known to her friends, writes Romantic Suspense. Her first published novel, FIXATION, now available in paperback at and, received rave reviews and award nominations.

Her second book, LIABILITY, for E-book Rave Reviews and NY Bestselling Author comments. NOW IN PAPERBACK! and or order in any book store.

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SECRETS and LIES, Rave Reviews and NY Bestselling Author comments.

"What happens when Doctor PATRICK LOGAN, from a dynasty family of doctors, and SELENA McRAE FLYNN, whose birthright is the least reputable family in town, meet again after sixteen years? The flames of first love rekindle no matter how hard Logan tries to stomp them out, or how hard his father works to keep them apart."

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Four-year-old Penny put the phone to her ear, then carefully punched the numbers, just the way her mother had taught her.

"My mommy and Suzie Q's mommy and daddy are hurt," she said clearly. "Men were here and hurt them." She listened. "Our street is Elmhurst. Okay, I won't hang up."

Penny looked at her mother, who was sprawled on the floor. "They will come, Mommy. I'm not to hang up."

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Things really get hot for wealthy business woman and artist Jessica Simon when she decides to overcome her dread of men caused by a childhood trauma. A way to confront her male-anxiety problem arises when Jessica's father Edward reads some character-defaming press articles about Jess and decides to become a better father by stepping into Jess's life with the aid of Grady Bowman.

But Jessica has enemies that she has no idea exist. She rejected a suitor, and is his fixation—he deserves her and now must punish her. Besides two of his friends, he has the help of a woman who believes she is Jess's sister and wants Jess's place in the family: the bad press will drive Jess and her father Edward apart. And he will get his hands on Jess's lovely body.

When Grady Bowman, Widower/Rancher/veterinarian, agrees to help Edward with his daughter, he encounters antagonism he can not deal with gracefully. He sees Jess as a replica of his late wife Lynn, and he is particular about who is around his young son John. But Jessica's antagonists attack her, forcing him to help Edward and live in close quarters with Jessica. He finds it hard to keep his hands to himself.

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When Maggie Rand’s estranged husband and adopted sons are killed in an accident, Maggie finds herself alone and pregnant and pursued by Josh’s ex-boss, who insists that she has major financial obligations brought on by her husband. If she refuses to cooperate he will have to consider her a liability—one he will have to eliminate.

Available NOW In PaperBack! Nov. 2008: Mystery/Thriller 'Secrets and Lies'

Dr. Patrick Logan and Selena McRae Flynn meet again after sixteen years. Patrick is from a dynasty family of doctors, Selena from a family with a questionable reputation. They were lovers when she was sixteen and he was eighteen, but Patrick broke off the love affair and moved on. He still has feelings for Selena, but he suspects she might be looking for a wealthy husband. His feelings are reinforced by his father's portrayal of Selena as a tramp. It takes a near tragedy to open Patrick's eyes.

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